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❦ Review by Laurie:

Blink of an Eye was my first read from author Ted Dekker. I know he has a faithful following so I was looking forward to becoming acquainted with his work.

First let me say I found the parallel story lines to be creative. Who doesn't like a bit of international intrigue mixed with the somewhat paranormal and romantic? Unfortunately for me, this is where the excitement truly ended.

We first meet Miriam as she supports her friend Sita prepare for her unwanted wedding and then move into Miriam's story; how she is to wed Omar which will then set off a chain of events to overthrow the current Royal regime. A bit far fetched perhaps? Even putting that aside, we then follow Miriam's plan to escape this arranged wedding so she can marry the true love of her life Samir. She then lands on the doorstop of an old college acquaintance; Hillary who basically proves disloyal and basically delivers her into the arms of Seth, this super-genius Doctorate student who we discover at the same time that he does that he is clairvoyant beyond in atypical ways.

Weaving in and out of the story is the cat and mouse game played by the Saudi's trying to capture Miriam so their government's coup can happen while Seth and Miriam try to outsmart them by staying one step ahead.

This story has many twists and turns, actually more than was fun or even remotely possible. In a fantasy genre this is expected and therefore enjoyed. For me not so much in a general fiction/mystery category.

I know this got 4.5 stars on Amazon, just not from me as it fell short on delivering what I expected.