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Cove Pick #279

Quiz Date: 
Saturday, Feb. 24th!

Chosen by Cove member Irene! 

Quiz winner selects 3 books and the group will vote to choose the July 2024 Cove pick!


We'll also be chatting about the current pick in an upcoming episode of our Cove's podcast!

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❦ March Pick 

Cove Pick #280
Quiz Date:
Saturday, March 30th!

 Chosen by Cove member Monica!

Quiz winner selects 3 books and the group will vote to choose the August 2024 pick!

April Pick 

Cove Pick #281
Quiz Date:
Saturday, April 27th! 

Chosen by Cove member Roberta!

Quiz winner selects 3 books and the group will vote to choose the Sept. 2024 pick!

May Pick 

Cove Pick #282
Quiz Date:
Saturday, May 25th! 

Chosen by Cove member Mary!

Quiz winner selects 3 books and the group will vote to choose the Oct. 2024 pick!

Last Month's Pick 

Cove Pick #278
Chosen by Cove member Millenia!

Miriam was the lucky winner! She nominated 3 books for a group vote to select the June 2024 pick!


We look forward to reading the next winning book!!

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Our most recent "Mega" Spotlight Cove Members were:

Mary Davidson & Monica Pettit!

Mary first joined us in October 2003, and Monica first joined in September 2001 — and both have been dedicated and beloved Cove members ever since!

Mary & Monica each win a bag of their choice from The Note Bags shop, and 2,000 bonus points toward the next Cove trivia quiz!

Stay tuned for the next "Mega" winner! Who will it be??

Congratulations, ladies! Thanks for being dedicated contributors to our reading group!

Stay tuned for the next Spotlight members!

2024 Theme Potluck!

Let's have some fun expanding our reading nets! Earn 1,000 bonus points when you read a book that has the month's Theme in the title or content! Share about the book at least 3 times to earn points!

❄️ January: “Winter” or “Snow” in the title

🍓 February: “Red” or “Blood” in the title

👥 March“Co-Authors” — a book with two authors

🔢 April: Numbers — a book with one or more numbers in the title

🎨 May: a Color in the title

📚 June: “TBR” — one of the oldest books in your pile!

😎 July: “Summer” in the title 

🏖️ August: “Beach" in the title

🍁 September: ”Fall in the title

👻 October: a Scary or Spooky novel 

⛰️ November: Native Americans — a novel about or featuring

🎄 December: Christmas or Holiday story!

This should be fun! Enjoy!

TBR Potluck!
Some members are teaming up for "buddy reads" with these books! We're having a TBR (To Be Read) Potluck for books we've had for 3 years or more. 1,000 points each! Reading together is so much fun! We're having a BALL!

*For details about this activity, members can access the "TBR Potluck" list here!.