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by Julia Goda 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
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Six years ago, Loreley Cooper thought she had it all. Head over heels in love with her boyfriend Jason and ready to take on the future after college, she landed the internship of her dreams. But things came crashing down during a fight, when she believed she found out he’d done something she knew she could never forgive. Completely heartbroken she walked away and hasn’t talked to him since.

Now, six years later, Loreley is recovering from a painful tragedy that almost killed her. Finally finding her way back to herself, now famous rock star Jason Sanders storms back into her life and seems determined to win her back. Why he would seek her out after all this time, Loreley has no idea. She has sworn to never talk to him again after what he did.

Jason Sanders is determined to not let the love of his life walk away from him again and is willing to do anything and everything to make her give them another chance.

Misunderstandings are uncovered and secrets are revealed that lead to pain and heartbreak yet again. Will they have what it takes to forgive each other and themselves and fight for their happily-ever-after or is it too late?


The only person who hadn’t said anything (…) was Tommy. He was standing separated from our big group, leaning against the railing, his eyes assessing and broodily on Jason. 
“Tommy?” I called his name. His eyes came to me and they warmed a little, though it didn’t erase his scowl. “You okay?” I asked. 
“Depends,” he answered as his eyes went back to Jason. 
“On what?” 
“On if he’s staying this time.” 
I could feel Jason tense beside me, but he wisely didn’t say anything and let me handle this. Jason didn’t know Tommy, though he knew about his mother abandoning him when he was just a baby. I had told him all about it years ago when we shared about our families. Jason abandoning Jesse and I would hit too close to home for Tommy, as he had proven at dinner last week when he stormed off after learning who Jason was and what he had done. It was understandable that he’d need some reassurance. 
“He’s staying.” 
“You sure about that?” His eyes were still narrowed on Jason. God, I loved that boy. 
“Yes, Tommy, I’m absolutely sure about that. He didn’t abandon me before. It was a misunderstanding,” I explained. 
“Yeah, that’s what dad said, too. Still, he should have tried harder.” 
I opened my mouth to defend Jason, but Jason beat me to it. “You’re absolutely right. I should have tried harder. And because I didn’t, I missed not only six years of being with the woman I love, but also being a father to my son. I’m gonna have to live with that for the rest of my life.” 
Tommy’s eyes grew wide at Jason’s confession. He was impressed. His eyes flickered to mine and I gave him a small reassuring smile. Everyone around us was quiet as they watched the scene unfold before them. Then Tommy gave Jason a small quick nod. 
“We good?” Jason asked. 
Tommy repeated his nod. “We’re good.” 
My God, Tommy was so much like his father it was scary sometimes. 
I felt tiny arms wrap around my legs and when I looked down, I saw Noah smiling up at me. He was the quiet one of the bunch and always hung out with me. He reminded me a lot of Jesse. 
“Hi, Lore,” he said through his smile. “I wanna sit with you.” 
“You wanna sit with me, huh?” He nodded happily. “All right big guy, go find us a chair and you can sit on my lap.” Without delay, Noah scuttled off in search of a chair. 
Jason’s arm around my shoulder pulled me in closer. “What if I want you to sit on my lap?” He whispered in my ear. 
“Sorry, but Noah’s got dibs. He always sits with me.” I gave him a wide smile. 
“I see.” He nuzzled my nose with his and kissed me softly. “You’ve got quite the male following.” 
“What can I say? I’m a fun person to be around,” I grinned at him. 
“Can’t argue with that.” He returned my grin. 
“I’m gonna marry Tommy when I grow up,” Lucy announced from across the deck. All eyes went to her and the boy in question she was now standing next to. 
Tommy chuckled a boy chuckle and said. “You can’t marry me, Luce. We’re practically family.” 
Lucy scrunched up her face, not liking his answer at all. 
“You’re not my brother,” she stated. 
“No, I’m not.” Tommy answered. 
“Or my cousin.” 
“Or my uncle.” 
“Then how are we family?” 
Tommy shrugged. “We just are.” 
Lucy scrunched up her face again. Then she had a thought. “Wait! If you’re family, then I can kiss you! Mommy and daddy say I can only kiss boys if they’re family.” Macy, Ivey, and I tried not to laugh. This wasn’t the first time that Lucy was trying to get around Larry’s no-kissing rule. 
“Drop it, Lucy. You’re not kissing anyone but your brothers and me.” Larry growled. 
“But you said—” 
“I know what I said and now I’m saying this.” 
“That’s not fair,” she pouted and crossed her arms on her chest. “Either Tommy is family and I can kiss him or he’s not and I can marry him.” The three of us couldn’t hold it in any longer and burst out laughing. All the men chuckled.




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Meet the Author


I have been writing stories in my head since I can remember. Much to my teachers’ dismay, given the task of writing a short essay I would always come back with way too long and detailed stories. Many discussions (I have always been somewhat of a smart-aleck) and bad grades were the result, so that for most of my life I thought I couldn’t write worth a damn and pursued other careers. But the dream of being an author wouldn’t be ignored and kept lingering.

With a little help from my fantastic husband, who gave me the necessary kick in the behind, I was finally brave enough to start writing my first novel and finished it only a few short weeks later—well, the first draft, that is. The seal was broken. My novels jump genres and touch on all kinds of different topics, but the things I try to focus on no matter what are romance, strong women, and a good sense of humor.

Now, when I’m not in my writing cave, spinning the tales that have been hounding me or editing (yes, I am also a professional editor, guess that degree in Literature and Linguistics turned out to be useful after all!), I enjoy reading, drinking coffee, eating good food, and listening to rock music.

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★ Book Blitz ★ SWEET BEA by Sarah Hegger + Excerpt + Giveaway!

Sweet Bea book blitz

Book Blitz

Sweet Bea Copy

Sweet Bea
by Sarah Hegger 
Genre: Historical Romance (Medieval)
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Book Blurb

Is anything sweeter than revenge?

In a family of remarkable people, ordinary Beatrice strives to prove herself worthy. When her family is threatened with losing everything, she rushes to London to save them. Unfortunately, she chooses as her savior the very man who will see her family brought low.

Garrett has sworn vengeance on Sir Arthur of Anglesea for destroying his life when he was a boy and forcing his mother into prostitution for them to survive. He has chosen as his instrument Sir Arthur's youngest daughter, Beatrice.

Can Beatrice's goodness teach Garrett that love, not vengeance, is the greatest reward of all?


Time to be wooed. Wooed with honeyed words and sweeter touches. Delightful tingles spread to Beatrice’s fingertips, rushed back again, and pooled in her stomach. 
Spring filled the air with scents of new grass and wildflowers. The sun beamed from a cloudless arc of blue above her. Birdsong serenaded her, as cornflowers merrily bobbed beside the path. Even the insects buzzed encouragement. Only one thing was missing. 
She dare not tarry much longer. Someone from the keep would soon come looking for her. Beatrice shifted her basket to the other arm and investigated a patch of what might be vervain. From the keep, anyone would see her picking wildflowers. Just as she intended. 
A footpath disappeared between the dense green beech thickets. It crossed a small stream before meandering through the trees and down to the village below. Was he still down in the village? She tried to picture what he’d be doing. Working at the forge, perhaps?
She gave up on the plant and straightened. She wouldn’t know vervain from, well, anything. Opposite the village, a path shot straight as an arrow through the meadow toward the castle. For certain, Garrett wouldn’t come from that direction. Perhaps he wasn’t coming at all. He’d made her no promises. There was no understanding between them. But, she dearly hoped all the same. 
Hoping, however, didn’t make him appear. 
The sun blazed down harsh on her face and she’d freckle. 
“Wish, wish, planted a feather and wished a bird would grow.” Nurse’s voice
sang in her head. It was nonsense, pure and simple. Nonsense, like lingering alone on a path, pretending to pick wildflowers, whilst waiting for a man she barely knew to appear. A man with dark and mysterious eyes that whispered of secret places and forbidden pleasures. She was a goose. When she pictured the scene in her mind, it went thus. A beautiful maiden, garbed in her finest blue samite, engrossed in the gentle occupation of picking flowers by the roadside. The sun gleamed off her flaxen hair and brought roses to her alabaster cheek. Her slender form, bent like a reed to her feminine labors...
Roses be damned, she was sweating beneath her silk. It would leave stains on the fabric. She’d never hear the end of it from Nurse. 
A soft whistle jolted her. 
Her heart leapt. 
There he stood, by the thicket. 
Smiling to warm her from the inside, one shoulder propped against a tree, arms folded across his broad chest.
Meet the Author

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Born British and raised in South Africa, Sarah Hegger suffers from an incurable case of wanderlust. Her match? A hot Canadian engineer, whose marriage proposal she accepted six short weeks after they first met. Together they’ve made homes in seven different cities across three different continents (and back again once or twice). If only it made her multilingual, but the best she can manage is idiosyncratic English, fluent Afrikaans, conversant Russian, pigeon Portuguese, even worse Zulu and enough French to get herself into trouble.

Mimicking her globe trotting adventures, Sarah’s career path began as a gainfully employed actress, drifted into public relations, settled a moment in advertising, and eventually took root in the fertile soil of her first love, writing. She also moonlights as a wife and mother.

She currently lives in Salt Lake City with her teenage daughters, two Golden Retrievers and aforementioned husband. Part footloose buccaneer, part quixotic observer of life, Sarah’s restless heart is most content when reading or writing books.

Sarah is the recipient of the 2015 EPIC Award for Historical Romance.

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