THE SOCIETY by Michael Palmer ✆ Cove Podcast: Episode 6

In the 6th episode of our podcast, Cove members Millenia and Roberta chat about the June 2011 pick, THE SOCIETY by Michael Palmer. 

(Beware of Spoilers: this podcast is intended for those who've already read the book.)

We clocked in at just a little over 20 minutes!

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Recorded 6/25/11 - Download


connie5781 said...

I've read a lot of Michael Palmer's books and he's not a favorite but they keep me turning the pages. I may check out The Society too.


Virginia Glass said...

Millenia and Roberta, this was enjoyable also. I have read some Michael Palmer but I am not a real huge fan.

I do think it is true about many books not being edited by real people in this day and age.


Rachel Pottinger said...

I have never read Michael Palmer before, but this one sounds interesting, and how cool that the author gave you an interview!!

Patricia in NYC said...

Enjoyed your discussion. Michael Palmer is a favorite of mine.

Patricia, NYC