FOREVER by Pete Hamill ✆ Cove Podcast: Episode 9

In the 9th episode of our podcast, Cove members Cheryl, Millenia and Monica dish about the September 2011 pick, FOREVER by Pete Hamill. (Beware of Spoilers: this podcast is intended for those who've already read the book.) Most Cove members couldn't even finish this one, so there were lots of giggles - we had fun! Listen in and chime in with your own thoughts!

Recorded 9/24/11 - Download

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Betsy said...

This one sounds interesting, but I'm not a fan of NYC so not sure I'd enjoy it. It was interesting to listen to your discussion. I'm glad I subscribed to your group's podcast!

June Baxter said...

I thought I would check out your most recent poscast and enjoyed the conversation. Forever doesn't sound like something I would like though.