FLESH AND FIRE by Laura Anne Gilman ☫ Cove Podcast: Episode 2

The 2nd episode of our new Reading Cove podcast is live! 

This month, Cove members Cheryl, Millenia and Monica chat about February 2011's pick, FLESH AND FIRE by Laura Anne Gilman.* They also share their thoughts on reading high fantasy, and how various Cove members reacted to the book!

We clocked in shorter than last time on this episode, with about 36 minutes.


Recorded 2/26/11 - Download

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*Spoilers abound. Podcast is for those who've read the book.


Jackie said...

I'm not a fan of fantasy, but still enjoyed this conversation and agree it is nice to have support to diversify your reading and not be pigeonholed in our interests and exposure.

Connie said...

Great hearing you guys, but I think I'll pass on Flesh and Fire!!


Dee said...


I just listened to this episode and it really made me more curious than ever to try Flesh and Fire. I read the spoiler warning but enjoyed the discussion that I listened until it was over without even realizing it!