GALILEO'S DAUGHTER by Dava Sobel ☫ Cove Podcast: Episode 3

In our 3rd episode, Cove members Cheryl, Millenia and Monica chat about March 2011's pick, GALILEO'S DAUGHTER by Dava Sobel.

Please continue to share your thoughts, leave us comments! It's on the longer side this month at 41 minutes, but we had a really good time!


Recorded 3/26/11 - Download

*Spoilers abound. Podcast is for those who've read the book.


Cheryl said...

Wow, Listening to the podcast was as enjoyable as recording it! Listening to it was very intriguing, since in a way we really could've gone on even more about the book. There was a lot of thought provoking thoughts that we really didn't touch on as well. For those of you listening and interested in the book although the reading was essentially very dry; there was a lot of info and facts about Galileo. The title definatly really didn't fit; however, if you wish to read it you should have the desire to read it with a scientific, philosohical mind set.
It is a book for a club to read but it does have it's merits and I think our chat showed that! Thanks for listening!

Cheryl said...

correction, it is not a book for a club to read.

Karen said...

Picked up your podcast through Goodreads. I was surprised a book club had chosen this book to read! It's definitely not an ideal book club selection at all.

Betsy said...

Enjoyed listening! think I'll skip the book though! lol