THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett ☫ Cove Podcast: Episode 4

In our 4th episode, Cove members Cheryl, Millenia, Monica and Roberta chat about April 2011's pick, THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett. (Spoilers abound. This podcast is for those who have read the book.)

Clocked in at 41 minutes again this month, but there was just so much to chat about in this book, and we still didn't cover everything!

Please continue to leave us your comments, we really appreciate the support, and we hope you enjoy the conversation!

Preview (4:44)

Full episode: (Recorded 4/30/11) Download

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Cheryl said...

What a great book! A lot of eye-opening for those who don't remmeber the civil rights movement or just want and authentic POV. I loved reading the book and being a part of the podcast!


Sandra said...

Just listened to your preview snips on Twitter and I am going to download the entire talk to my Ipod as it sounds like a good one. I really enjoyed The Help!!


Betsy said...

I loved The Help!!! Can't wait for the film this summer! Really laughed a lot listening to your discussion. I really enjoyed it! I do have to catch up on your other episodes but I will!

Regarding the present day Aibileens and Minnys, I think it's great books like this bring the relations to everyone's attention, especially those of us who may not have ever thought about it before our whole lives.

Betsy in SD

connie5781 said...

Great discussion, girls!!

Rachel Pottinger said...

I love that your group is doing a podcast on your monthly reads! I'm in a local group here in Atlanta and it would be great if we could do one!! We read The Help last year and most of us loved it, with only a couple exceptions, but I agree it was the perfect book club discussion book, there is so much to dig into with this story!! I am going to subscribe to your podcast!!

Yvonne Steinman said...

THE HELP is one of my favorite reads of the year!!

I enjoyed listening to this discussion!


Karen Weiner said...

Great podcast and discussion! I love your webpage also. If I had time for a book club, I'd love to join yours!!

I loved The Help and will be seeing the film tonight!!

Karen Weiner