THE DRESSMAKER by Kate Alcott ✆ Cove Podcast: Episode 50

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This month we're excited to have bestselling author Kate Alcott join Cove members Cheryl, Millenia and Roberta to discuss her amazing novel—and our very first pick of 2015—THE DRESSMAKER! 

We had a wonderful discussion
with Kate about what inspired her to tell this story, the inspiration for the lead character, Tess, what surprised her most during her extensive research on the aftermath of the 1912 Titanic tragedy, lots of awesome details about her new book—and lots more!!

If you've read THE DRESSMAKER, we'd love to hear from you! Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Recorded 1/31/15

★ Kate's latest work is A TOUCH OF STARDUST which is out Tuesday, February 17th!

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