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We're excited to share with you author Georgia Bockoven's wonderful new beach house novella, THE COTTAGE NEXT DOOR!

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TheCottage Next Door
The Beach House # 3.5
By: Georgia Bockoven
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Publisher: William Morrow

What should have been the best day in Diana Wagnor’s twenty-nine years easily turns into the worst when her job is downsized, she discovers her fiancé in bed with her best friend, and watches her cherished grandmother’s house burn to the ground.

Clearly it’s time to start over and get out of Topeka, Kansas, where she’s spent her whole life. But what should she do? And how does she ever trust herself in another relationship when her one indisputable skill seems to be picking the wrong man?

Diana finds her answers at the cottage next door to the beach house with the help of a tall, sculptured, soft-spoken Californian, and a heart-shaped piece of sea glass.

Featured Excerpt

By her junior year at the University of Kansas, after she’d discovered her latest boyfriend had been tossed out of school for cheating on a final, Diana had a talk with her favorite sibling, her oldest brother Brian. She poured out her heart to him, reciting a list of loser boyfriends, ending with a tearful diatribe against men.
Brian listened patiently and then gave her one of his succinct always on-point answers. Plain and simple, the problem wasn’t men—it was her unerring ability to zero in on the worst ones. For whatever screwy reason, she found these supposedly misunderstood antiheroes sexy, believing all they lacked to turn their lives around was the love of a good woman. 
Diana drove back to Lawrence determined to change. And she did. For a week. Right up to the moment her roommate introduced her to Howard Clausen. 
He was tall and muscular, a long-distance swimmer on the varsity team, with short brown hair that begged to have fingers run through it. His eyes were a soft electric blue, the lashes thick and curling. Best of all he was smart and articulate, and someone she actually wanted to introduce to her parents. The total package. 
He was also the reason, seven years later, that she’d left the only home she’d ever known and moved to California, that she had zero balances in both her saving and retirement accounts, that she owned a bare lot where the house her great-grandfather had built with his own hands had once stood, and that she’d sworn off men. 
Not forever, of course. She had sense enough to know that forever wasnt in her genetic makeup. Two years had seemed like a good compromise. She’d be thirty-one by then and hopefully imbued with the wisdom that came with age. She would be able to look at an Abercrombie & Fitch model and recognize that until he proved he was more than a pretty face, all he had going for him was packaging. 
Six months down. Eighteen to go. 
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About the Author
Georgia Bockoven is an award-winning author who began writing fiction after a successful career as a freelance journalist and photographer. Her books have sold more than three million copies worldwide. The mother of two, she resides in northern California with her husband, John.

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